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Professional tantric massage Matahari

Dear clients, we are very grateful for your favor. We've decided to improve our services in a way, which will help you to relax even more. We have moved both our parlors into the city centers in StockholmGoteborg, Prague and Oslo for better availability. We are sure that you will find our changes pleasant and enjoyable.


All of you have surely already listened about tantra or tantric massage. But, if you think about it. Are you really sure you know what tantra maassages really are?

Come and spend uncommon experience of tantric meditation by massage, including secret parts of your body. Tantric massage is connecting classic massage with tantric rituals. Get rid of everyday stress and let you saturate with positive energy from our pleasant and experienced masseuses.


Tantric massage is highly recommended as a health balancing, improving and healing procedure. Furthermore, it can heal on spiritual level, calm down and relax on a deep level.

The company Matahari salon has been on the market over eight years. Nowadays, we have three places in the Czech Republic, Norway and many regular clients from the Scandinavian countries. Therefore, we have decided to extend our services so from now, you can visit us in your home country as well.

We realize what you are expecting from us and due to our professional team we can ofer you real quality. Our masseuses have not only tantric massage courses, but also basic rehabilitative massage courses. We try to offer you real quality standard in all directions. We believe that mainly you will se the diference in it.

We believe you will be looking forward to coming back and visiting us again and again.

Our services are legal, we do not provide sex, just massages.


  • Classical tantric massage

    Originating in India, Tantra massage is a practice that is several thousands of years old. 

  • Body to body

    Body-to-Body Massage is an extremely sensual kind of tantric massage, focused on body to body contact using special slippery hot oil.

  • Four hand tantra massage

    Have you experienced tantric massage several times and want to get something more intense?

  • Tantra massage for pairs

    Would you like to experience tantric massage with your partWould you like to experience tantric massage with your partner? 

  • Massage for women

    Women need to feel trust, tenderness and love if they are to open themselves completely to their partner or to their surroundings.

  • Spa procedure

    Before the massage itself, masseuse will take you to the shower, where she will first perform peeling of the whole body. 

  • Foot job

    The technique of foot job involves rubbing the body, erogenous zones and intimate areas by using the feet

  • Prostate massage

    The prostate is considered a men´s point G and it is also part of male sexual reaction cycle and an important contributor to orgasm.

  • Light dominant tantric massage

    Do you want to be a "slave" of your own desire under the control of lovely dominant lady? 

  • Dominant tantric massage

    Do you feel frustrated somehow and need to experience when other person ...

  • Double lingam

    Double charge of erotic energy.
    Do You feel as strong as a bull, you need to recharge with...

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