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Classical tantric massage

Tantra – a spiritually erotic massage

Originating in India, Tantra massage is a practice that is several thousands of years old. It is based on Eastern Philosophy and Taoist techniques, combining classical massage with an exploration of the entire human body.

Tantra encompasses the mind and the body at the same time; it will release stress and awaken the spirit in a refreshing and exciting way. It enlightens with a meditative experience while at the same time developing sexuality.

Tantra massage is a unique and sophisticated ritual originating in tantra philosophy and principles, which is becoming increasingly popular with man and women and couples all over the world. It is an introduction into the world of bodily sensuality, tender care and exciting discoveries of ecstatic feelings. It is a way of getting out of every day common limits and to fully give into the present moment. Tantra massage takes on a form of an intimated ritual between a giver and a receiver where it connects elements of old fashioned tantra and Tao techniques and a classical massage with a personal approach, sensitive attention and a deep energy work which causes you not only to relax into the tantra massage but also get filled with excitement, tenderness, life force and inspiration. A giver is a sensitive guide who helps a receiver discover and further develop his or hers own sexuality.

Tantra massage gets you young, beautiful and heals on the level of body and mind.

What to expect from tantra

Tantra massage is traditionally done on a futon with candle lights and oriental music in a calm and undisturbed environment. Parts of a tantra massage create various touches, soft and dynamic ones. You can experience washing with smelly towels and a massage with hot towels, caressing with soft feathers and furs, use of special aroma therapeutic essential oils, smells and natural nourishing oils but also pressure relaxing parts without any oils. With extended massages there are lava stones to relax your body. Tantra massage includes the whole body of a receiver from head to toe.

Tantra massage is contrary to other massages a holistic massage including also intimate parts massage that are called in tantra joni and lingam. During this massage there is often a change in sexuality perception and opening to a new meditative intimacy and excitement. Therefore it is a healing massage that works with many levels of a man. The massage can optionally also include prostate massage.

Yet tantra offers even more. A masseur or a masseuse will guide you through tantra massage breathing techniques that will open the path to a perfect physical and mental relaxation and feeling the flow of energy. This natural energy is like a deep and reviving feeling that lasts long after the massage is over.

Only within safe and clear limits it is possible to reach a deep and intense mutual experience.

Tantra massage regards discovering sexuality within your body and an important part of it is a respect to the limits of a giver. During tantra massage a receiver remains always passive and accepting so there is no space for sex or any erotic exchange with a masseuse or a masseur.

In tantra massage nudity is a sign of openness and comprehension to the body; it allows you to get rid of any blocks and shame and enjoy pleasure of the freedom and relaxation. The receiver is naked during the massage only covered with a sarong, which the masseur or a masseuse gradually uncovers. They also begin a massage in sarong that they only leave around their hips later. During a long lasting cooperation and mutual trust total nudity is also possible.

Effects of a tantra massage

Tantra massage not only deepens sexual experiences of the receiver but also helps building consciousness and increases sensitivity to your body; it leads to an art of sharing of intimacy with your partner, open communication and respect towards yourself and others.

As for health effects tantra massage helps with erection and prostate issues, pre-maturate ejaculation, veganism’s, painful sexual intercourse, non-physiologic conditions with getting pregnant, lack of energy, vitality and life stamina; depression from lack of care and intimate touching; it improves relationship towards yourself and your partner, gets rid of tension and stress, relaxes muscles and supports blood circulation.

Tantra massage is very popular for couples for it supports their mutual attractiveness and trust and brings new inspiration and knowledge.

Tantric rituals can be omitted for this type of massage after agreement with the masseuse.

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