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About our tantric massage

1) Ordering a tantric massage

by phone / sms (+46 70 099 56 73)
through the reservation system

The sooner the better rule applies. In practice, the deadline can be released even an hour before your arrival, but we cannot always guarantee this. We recommend ordering the term erotic massage min. 2-3 hours or ideally one day in advance. We consider all orders binding.
If anything changes about your arrival, it is necessary to inform us immediately. Repeated erosion of erotic massage can lead to complete blockage of your person.

When ordering, we will ask you for the following information: date and time of arrival, name of the masseuse / masseuse, length and type of tantra massage, special requirements or extra services for massage.

2) Arrival

BY CAR (Bromma, Stockholm)
METREM (Islandstorget T-bana)

3) We start with a shower

First we will explain the course of tantra massage and answer all your questions
You take off all your clothes and get a clean towel (the tantric masseuse moves away from the massage room for a few moments to give you privacy for your own change of clothes)
After a while he enters the massage room, which is indicated by a light knock. They will accompany you to the shower and, depending on your choice, either take you with you or await you in front of her to accompany you back to the massage room.( Extra service - Spa procedure)

4) Tantric massage begins with a ritual

At the beginning of the tantric massage you comfortably lie on your stomach (massage on a massage futon size 180 × 200cm, always cleanly coated)
The first moments can be unusual or slightly stressful (especially if you are on tantric massage for the first time).
However, from the very beginning of the tantric massage, an erotic atmosphere will be created by the tantric masseuse - relaxing music and intimate candle lighting enhance the tantric atmosphere.

5) Tantric massage from the front

About halfway through the length of the tantric massage, the masseuse asks for a "turn" on the back and begins to focus on the front of the body. (Each individual tantric masseuse has her own style of erotic massage, unless you wish otherwise, she will follow her own scenario)
If your excitement reaches its maximum at the beginning of the tantric massage, the experience is definitely not over! The masseuse will continue in intimate-relaxing massage to the extent that you are pleased.

6) The gradual conclusion of tantric massage

The end of erotic massage is very gradual. The masseuse is dedicated to the very end of the length of the intimate massage, gently wipes you with small oil towels, and if you like it, then she will also wind up or lie down next to you.
At the end, it is also a good habit to have a cleansing shower once again, again with a tantric masseuse or separately

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